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i've no fancy to tickle

Last night I had the best sex in the world!

Or I dreamt of it. Whichever. I'm not getting any. None at all. But does this bother me? No. And this confuses me. In my heyday, I got laid daily. Well, maybe not daily, daily... but quite freakin' often. most days I got some. generally no nookie on Monday... but other than that... And not always by the same guy. I was footloose, and fancy free. I never turned down an intersting offer, but I still managed to be [somewhat] picky.

Now, I have one guy in my life that I love-ish, and he is hte only one I should have sex with. But we don't. Part of that is my son is too young to let us have any peace and quiet, much less nookie. The other part is the part that bothers me. If I were still with my son's father, I would be ravaging him everytime my son slept ... even if he only nodded off in his jump&go. I would be finding new and creative ways to spend some 'quality' time with him.

But with the guy I'm with? We don't because I'm tired, or the baby has just fallen asleep, and needs his rest. Or some other cheesey line of excuse. Why don't I want to get laid? What is the problem? I can assure you that it's good when it happens. It's breath-taking, and earth moving... hell he makes my fingertips numb! I just don't. want. to.

Here's the real problem. I do get horny. It usually happens in the middle of the day, when no one is around. And i take care of it by puting my son down for a nap, and well.. i don't wanna go into details here, but i take care of things. So why aren't i having more sex? The last time i got any was easter sunday. I'll never let an easter go by without nookie. No sir. And if I ever do... I'll be dead within the week.

Maybe i'm in the wrong relationship? *sigh* I guess the fact that not getting laid in itself doesn't bother me, it's just the not being bothered that bothers me (confused yet?) so I'm prolly doing ok. I just feel bad for my man. He's bothered that we haven't had sex.

Well n/m, anyway. This is supposed to be my fun journal... not another place for me to gripe. I'll figure my shit out eventually.

Ta-ta for now!

12:20 p.m. - 2006-05-10


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