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mmmm, tasty. Charred Christian

This seemed almost intersting to me, thought you might like it too. The top are the questions, you can answer for yourself, and the bottom, are my answers, you can tell me what a hideous person I am, if you like.

How Religious Are You?

Do you beleive in God?

Is God male or female?

Do you beleive in Purgatory (where souls wait in between Heaven and Hell until Judgement Day)?

Do you beleive in gay marriages/relationships?

Do you beleive in an eye for an eye?

How many times a day do you pray?

Who do you pray for first, yourself or others (and be honest)?

Do you beleive in "once saved always saved"?

Who first translated the bible?

Which do you follow first, The Ten Commandments or The Golden Rule?

What do you consider to be your Donomination?

Just curious to see what everyone thinks on this subject.

I'm VERY religious. Just not Christian... SO most of those questions don't apply, but I'll try to answer them as best as I can:

* Yes I believe in God, or someone like it.

*I'm polytheistic, so I believe there are both male and female gods.

*I don't believe in heaven or hell, so I guess I don't believe in Purgatory. ButI do believe that some spirits hang around this plane longer, if they have unfinished business....

*I believe that everyone has a right to love.

*I'm a vengeful person at heart, but I know better than to practice it on any higher level than a petty fight with a loved one.

*I pray as often as I find a need to. Sometimes that is many times a day, sometimes it is once a month. I do not believe that the gods forget who I am if I don't speak with them daily.

*I never pray for myself. All things will come my way as a gift for taking care of others. When I start to get selfish, that's when everything falls apart.

*I think each new day is a new beginning. I can just as easily ruin my karma for the next life today as I could yesterday. Each morning when I wake up I have to make a decision to be the person that I am, and to do with my life what I have found to be my calling. I do not think that one day of indescretion is going to undo all the good I've done, however, I do not believe that once I have done a quota of good, I can sit back and relax.

*These next three are tough. Who translated the bible? no one. It was wrteen by man only a few hundred years ago. But that's my belief, and I'll not try to get into heated discussion involving religion.

*Which do I follow? The Golden Rule. I don't even know the Ten Commandments.. I've seen the movie, and they all seem like outcroppings of the Golden Rule, anyway.

*Denomination - Um, Republican

11:34 a.m. - 2006-05-23


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