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Goody, Goody, Gumdrops! A STORY!!!

Ok, so. I promised you a story today, didn't I? Remember my short road trip? It went well. I got to my destination, got my back rubbed for two(+) hours had a lovely chicken dinner, and watched as my son played with a pit bull. I think she's a pit bull. I don't remember. She looks like a bull terrior of some sort anyway. It was cute. She had to spend some time in her cage cause she's a bit rambuncios. And in order to be fair, he had to spend some time in his pack'n'play so she could come out to play. After a while, though, they got used to each other. I think If I had been up ther longer than just the one day, they would've been fast friends.

But that's not the story. the story is this:

On my way up to New York, my radiator broke. Now, I had known that my radiator was failing, and I should definately have either fixed it, or not gone on such a long drive. But I'm an impetuous dumbass, and I went anyway.

Damn! Damn! Damn! just as I get to the juice of the story, I gotta run.. I'm not even going to post this until I get back...

I'm back. SO where was I? Oh, right. My radiator broke. I was just on the other side of the New York Border, and had to call for a tow truck. Which I did. Then all I could do was sit and wait. Every now and again I would get out of the car, sit on the trunk and smoke a cigarette. I could see my son sleeping in his car seat from there, and this also kept me from snoozing myself. Better to see the danger coming then to wake up to it, I guess.

While I am sitting on my trunk, some guy pulls over. Now, I should tell you that others had pulled over to see if I needed help, or wanted company while I waited for the tow truck. So when this guy pulled over, I was just pleasant, told him I had a truck on the way, and that he shouldn't be more than twenty minutes. He asked me where I was headed, and would I like a ride? I laughed, told him I still had about an hour of my trip left, and that I'd really rather wait for my car to be fixed. He told me I was a hottie, and drove on. I thought this was the end of it. I got back in my car, and locked the doors... just in case, you know?

Twenty minutes later, the tow truck arrived, and the driver went back to get his paperwork for me to fill out. The guy... the creepy guy who told me I was hot? showed back up! He got out of his car this time, and told me some sob story about his hay bailer being broken, and asked if he gave me $5 and his address and the info on the bailer would I please run an add for him in my hometown paper? I said, "sure, why not? I could use five bucks." So he gave me the money and a slip of paper with info written on it, and he went on his merry way.

Or so I thought.

I put the car seat in the tow truck and spend the entire trip to the mechanic's trying to convince my son that riding in a tow truck is fun and exciting. Then we get to the shop, and while I wait for the guys to check out my car, and figure out what's wrong and how much it will be to fix it THE BASTARD SHOWS UP AGAIN!!!!

He strolls in, and says "Surprise, surprise. Look who's here." I came back with, "It's not that big of a surprise, you saw the name of the shop on the side of the truck!" He asked me again if I wanted a ride to my destination, and I was flabberghasted. I told him that no, I didn't want to leave my car here in the middle of nowhere. Thankyouverymuch!

At this point, my son was getting bored and wanted to crawl around. I couldn't very well leave him to crawl around on the shop floor, soI asked for a public place where I could take my sone to stroller around, and play. They directed me towards their "mall" (which I dunno why they called it that, but whatever), and off I went. But not before telling one of the guys what a creep the man with the bailer issue was.


Four Hours go by...


I come back to the shop. they're almost done. The owner of the shop tells me that the guy came around looking for me while I was away. In case you weren't counting that's FOUR FUCKING TIMES that he tried to pick me up! I mean, let's face it. He was right. I AM a hottie. And guys should work hard to get with me. But I have my son with me, I've said no as politely yet directly as possible. Get the hint! I told the shop owner to call the cops if he comes back while I'm still there. He told me he'll kill the guy with a tire iron if he comes back, at which point, I backed away, and said, "Whatever makes you happy, Ray."

So there's my story. I hope it made you as drowsy reading it, as it made me telling it.

Now it's time to diddle real quick before I go about the rest of my evening.

12:48 p.m. - 2006-06-07


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