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too much sex?

Well, I got the job. I haven't told my dad to shove it, but I also haven't done any actual cleaning. So there. Pppbbblllttt.

I love this job. I work for a non-profit pediatric orthopedic hospital. Everyone is very nice, and I make lots of money. My boss has no idea how much work I can handle, so she doesn't keep me busy enough, yet. But she's catching on.

My son is adapting to waking up in the morning, and going to bed when the sun is still up. I am adapting to being a morning person, and going to bed before the hours go back to single digits... sometimes before they are double-digits. I wear pretty work clothes, and panty-hose and nice shoes. There is no casual Friday, and that's wierd. But it's nice, cause I kind of enjoy dressing up everyday.

Ok, enough gooey stuff. I have been extreeeeeemely horny as of late. I had gone through a long period of time after my son's birth (almost a year, now), come to think of it, I think it started while I was still pregnant - anyway, my labido was not working. I would have sex, with a few different people since this problem spanned my relationship with his father, my ex-husband, and my boyfriend. And each time, the sex was ok, but nothing spectacular. And I never really wanted it. Sometimes, I wanted the closeness. And other times I wanted to make the other one feel wanted, but i never really wanted the sex. Now, it's all I think about.

I have sex with my boyfriend each morning after my shower, and on the way home I fondle him, and then at night at least once before bed we screw like wild. And if for some reason we fall asleep before we get the chance to screw, we wake up in the middle of the night to lazily get each other off.

And it gets worse. Even with all that screwing going on at home, I want to jump like every male I cross. Strangers on the subway, researchers here at work (Did I mention I work in the research department, and it's the coolest thing ever to be on this end of medicine and medical procedures?), the man behind the counter at lunch. I think that if it were socially acceptable, I could set up a train at my office door, and just keep 'em cumming. Of course since I'm not actually screwing at work, or on the subway, my boyfriend doesn't think any of this is a problem. The way he sees it, is we're making up for all the lost time we could have been screwing if my labido hadn't been on vacation. But for me, it's very distracting. It's hard to sit here as I type this and not touch myself. And now that I have an office with a door that locks.... it's even tougher.

Anyway, I have to do some work. And who knows? Maybe someone out there reads this, and you'll find me on the train today. :-)

8:30 a.m. - 2006-08-03


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