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Wow. I like sex a lot, don't I?

I was reading through some "random entries" today, and the ones that weren't blogthings, were about sex. I want it, I don't want it, I miss it, not so much... it seems it's all I talk about.

This week, some friends at work invited me to go to the shore with them. I said I might, since my man was going out tonight. One guy asked me if my man would mind my going out without him. I said no, and when I was asked if my man gets jealous, my response was simple; "Why would my man get jealous, if he comes home to find me ready and willing any time of day, any day of the week?" The guy had no answer, except to ask me if I would train his girlfriend.

I can't train this shit, man. It has to come naturally. I am more of a horndog than most guys I know, and it will never stop. Sometimes I think that I should be single to allow for some of my more "adventurous" fantasies. And other times I realize how great I have it here with my man who knows I really can't help flirting, and is just "used to it."

We talked about that last night. One of his friends was giving me "the eye." You know the one. Where he's silently trying to convey that I should leave my man and get with him (Or at least cheat on my man with him). So at the end of the night I told my man about it, cause, seriously, I don't want to fuck up my relationship. I didn't know if he had picked up on it, but I didn't want him questioning whether I might have enjoyed it. Which I did, of course enjoy being flirted with... duh! But I didn't like the uncomfortableness of it all. So we talked. My sweetheart informed me that I have a way of making others feel like I'm single. Even though I make it a point to mention that I'm not, and I also try to be affectionate with my sweetie in front of possible infiltrators. He says it's a part of my personality. Not his favorite part, but something he realized early on was part of me, and he'd either have to get used to it, or not date me. I guess the fact that we're still together says a lot about the rest of my personality in his eyes, but it made me a bit sad to know that I give off a vibe of I'd leave my man in a heartbeat to screw around with some transient. Of course judging from the last post in here, you may think I would. But I wouldn't. I DO fantasize about everybody walking by, but I only fuck my man. It's a big step in my life, I have to admit. I really like the random encounters. But he's worth not fucking up.

Anyway, I have to go wake him up so he can get ready to go out to a bunch of titty bars with his friends. Ha!

3:47 p.m. - 2006-08-05


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