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Well, well, well.

Here I am again, with a few minutes to spare at work. everything's been lovely, lately, not much to write about. ButI figured that it's been a while since I've put pen to paper, as it were, so I should come in here and check this place out a bit.

I was reading in someone else's blog that Howard Stern was going to marry Anna Nicole Smith. I have to say I didn't believe it. But I guess that's cause I don't keep up on celeb affairs. Today I read in the morning paper, that not only did they get married, but they may have made a baby, too. didn't Howard learn anything from his first marriage?

First of all, marriage has got to be the stupidest thing two people can do. Secondly, at his age to be making new babies? Doesn't he want any time to himself? Now, some may say that since I am so down on marriage it's because I'm bitter. But I'm not bitter. I don't think my marriage counts as a marriage. I even hesitate to put down "married" when asked my status on legal paperwork. But I've seen too many people, good people, get married and then turn into the biggest assholes I know.

Maybe this is just my perception, but when you cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriend it's kind of expected - the whole line of reasoning is, "I don't see no ring on my finger!" But when you cheat on your husband/wife, that's when it all goes downhill. Now, you've committed adultery. A real crime. One you could be punished for in court. And, it seems like once you get married, everything changes. Even though you say it won't. even though you claim to 'love' the other person anyway, so what's the big deal about a piece of paper? But, the next thing you know, you're married, and either one of you believes that now you don't have to woo anymore, or one of you believes that now that (s)he's mine, (s)he'll have to change to make me happy. Why aren't more people marrying the guy/gal that they call their best friend? The one that they pal and hang around with all the time anyway. you the one. The one you've known since highschool? The one that you call when your relationships go down the tubes? Why not marry that one. That's the person who tells you like it is, anyway.

I gotta run. people are making me work.

8:54 a.m. - 2006-10-04


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