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Howard, meet Stern

So, this weekend I was talking with my sweetheart about Howard Stern and Anna Nicole Smith. He laughed at me. Apparently, Howard Stern is the name if her lawyer. Which, as I noticed this morning, someone else offered up, as well. I admit, I do not normally keep up on celebs' lives, and so apparently missed out where the media told us that this poor lawyer's name was the same as the shock-jock's.

I am happy to know that shock-jock Howard is not going to marry Anna Nicole. Maybe this lawyer guy is good for her, maybe not. I read in the same article, or at least the same paper where I read about the baby, that some guy named Howard Stern also was giving drugs to Anna Nicole. So do I think thatthis is a match made in heaven, now? No. I still think that marriage is a dumb move.

Now listen, I am in a pretty healthy relationship. We're looking to buy a house this spring, and we've been raising my son like a real family. We laugh together, we cry together, we dream, and we struggle. And in the end, we talk about everything. When I come home at night, I feel I've come home. And all our plans for the future are built around being together forever. However, we both agree that even though we trust each other more than we trust other people, we don't fully trust that when one of us goes out on our own, that said person isn't going to flirt/dance/screw with someone else. Both of us do our part to be trustworthy, but whether it comes from being hur to many times, or having been such assholes for so long, we still just assume that one of us will cheat.

I don't think it's sad. I don't think we have a problem. I think we're both just realists who love each other enough to not break up due to the fear that it may not last forever. We both know of too many people who got married either becuase they thought it was the right thing to do, or because one or both people in the relationship were scared of being alone forever. Too many women who thought that if they could make a man recite wedding vows they could get them to do anything. Too many men who thought that if they could lock down a date for the wedding, they could lock down the girl for a lifetime. Adn we've seen them all end.

I have to go to breakfast, but I'm sure I will have more on this topic later....

7:52 a.m. - 2006-10-09


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