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I have been coming to work each morning looking for blogs to read where the people are kind enough to update everyday. I realized that this made me feel a little hypocritical, since I only update once in a blue moon.

The problem with this is, I don't have interesting things (that I feel comfortable sharing with you guys) to talk about everyday.

But, I do read teh news everyday on my way into work, so I have decided to use this a forum for me to discuss with you my opinions on one article each day. And if something better comes along to discuss, I will not do my daily article. And, since I do tend to think of things on the spot, I may ramble, once I get started.

Today's news is this: Women subconsciously try to appear more attractive when they're ovulating.

Now. I believe the idea behind this. I understand that when you get right down to it, our job as humans is to procreate. So it follows reason that we would do everything we could to make this happen. The article said that women who only wear make-up some of the time, would usually find themselves applying it when they are ovulating. I never wear make-up. I always try to look sexually attractive. Because I am one of those bitches who likes to have men under my thumb. I like that I never have to ask a second time for a favor, and my work-requests are always at the top of the list here at the office. However, I don't think there is any particular day, or set of days (how long does it take to ovulate? I looked it up, one day) that I try to look better than usual, nor do I think that there are days when I get more special treatment. If anyone reads this, which I doubt, I would appreciate some feedback.

Ladies: If you think hard about it, do you notice that you find yourself trying to be "extra pretty" about two weeks after your period starts?

Men: Do you find that your wife, or girlfriend, is more attractive to you about two weeks after the start of their period?

Also, do you think that women are more likely to be willing to jump into bed with you during that time?

I know I can't use myself as any kind of standard, because I go through just about every day ready to jump into bed. I don't actually do that every night, because I don't believe my son will stay out of trouble while Mommy gets her rocks off, but that is beside the point. And to be honest, my man, as wonderful as he is in all other things, he ainít so great in bed. So, I donít let him do me very oftenÖ. Maybe it is on day 14 that I give in. more research may be needed on that topic. Iíll let you know.

Gotta run, time to pretend like I work here.

1:23 p.m. - 2006-10-11


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