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Well! I have a ton of news stories to talk about today, I don't know which one to start with. So, instead of news, I'll start by telling you that I will be going to a "risque" club this evening to party it up with my favorite radio station. There may be an amateur night, so I may decide to perform. I like to perform. I think this will be fun.

I wore a short skirt to work today, because there are going to be a lot of influential people here today for our annual extended board meeting. Old men, is what this translates to. And I like to let old men get their kicks. So, I was already feeling a little, um, rammy this morning. And when my morning show DJs called out for the thirteenth caller for a spot on a bus trip, I called, and won. So now, I'm all excited and trying to decide what to wear. :-)

On a different radio morning show I heard that O.J. Simpson is writing a book about the double murder of which he was acquitted several years ago. The title of the book? "If I Did It." Now, according to the tabloid where the morning show host pulled this information, the book is very graphic, and detailed. It is supposedly a hypothetical account, but obviously it has too much information in it to be just imagination. Here's the thing. We all know O.J. did it. We all know that "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit," was the most bogus defense ever, even if it did work. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this book is being written. It is 11 years later, and he can't be tried again, even if he practically admits to doing it, I guess. And since he's titling the book "If I Did It" he isn't actually admitting it, he's just, you know, bragging. Which brings me to the opinion part of this fun little blog. When a serial killer (who's not a celebrity) brags to people about how he's killed this person, or that person, or this person and that person, he's considered a sociopath, not fit for normal human association. He's locked away, either in prison, or a mental hospital. However, when O.J. Simpson brags about killing his wife and good friend, he gets paid $3.5 million. What is wrong with this picture? And while we're on the topic of cooks, how is it that people who don't seem to have the language skills to verbally complete a sentence, are writing books. How many times a year do we hear about people who aren't that interesting except that they're rich, coming out with books? I mean, really are we supposed to put down our "Wheel of Time" series, or our "Dune" books to pick up and read about the life and times of an American Princess? And are we supposed to believe that some dumb celeb sat down at a ttypewriter (or computer, or even with a pencil and notebook) and wrote a book? Of course not. what really happens, is some writer who is not good enough to have any ideas on their own gets hired by an agency to write the book, and then sits down and asks probing questions of said celeb, who in turn rambles on incessantly baout themselves. And this could even be good reading if the celeb is someone with an interesting life, or at least an interesting story to tell. But lately, anybody who gets 15 minutes is writing a book. And I have a hard time believing that you can turn 15 minutes of fame into a full length book. anyway, I'm tired of ranting about hits, so on to the next topic.

Nice segue, huh?

The other day I wrote about women trying to make themselves pretty during ovulation. I was obviously intrigued by this finding. So intrigued, in fact, that I went home and spoke about it with anyone who would listen. I found out during this process, that not only do women try to make themselves more attractive during ovulation, but they also find completely different men attractive during their period. What this means is, if you are normally attracted to the stable, provider type, then once you start surfing the crimson tide, you will suddenly find the pompous jock type attractive. And despite most claims that women don't want to, or ar afraid to have sex with someone new while the red is flowing, it is during this time that most women who cheat, cheat. My question to you, dear reader, is this: Does this mean that if a woman cheats on her boyfriend/spouse during her period with someone that is the complete opposite of her man - should she get in trouble, or should she be able to "get away with it" claiming that it's natural? Now, mind you I'm not asking so that I have an excuse. Although you can think what you like. I'm merely asking because it seems to me that lately, everybody is looking for a way to not take the blame for their own actions. I, myself, usually accept the blame for my actions, whether the consequence is good or bad. My belief is that if I want the credit, I can take the blame. However, in the days of "I kill people becuse my mommy didn't love me enough," is it now acceptable to say, "I cheated because my hormones were wacky? I love you, dear, but I wanted to get pregnant by a stronger, more physical man so I could have strong babies which you will now raise in a healthy environment?"

If we were animals - in the sense of not civilized - such as lions, or dogs, this would make sense to me as a perfectly acceptable routine. However, I think that in order to stay civilized, we need to keep the promises we make. We need to say I love you, so I will have your baies, and no one else's. But our hormones have been our hormones since before we were civilized, and I'm wondering if we should be going against our nature in this way. If you believe in God, then you believe that God made us the way we are,and we should follow his genetic advice - go forth and be fruitful. And if you don't believe in God, rather prefer science then gentically speaking, it is still a good idea to make babies with as many different partners as possible, in order to open up the gene pool. Some may argue the point that our gene pool is no longer in need of opening, that we are overpopulating the world enough as it is, and to them I say, "Well, if we break down the civilized lifestyle enough to accept this complicated breeding system, we should also be able to break down the civilized world enough to start killing people off. Either by war, or by chaos." I'm not necessarily saying this is the way to go. I'm just opening up discussion here.

Anyway, let me know what you think, I have work to do, now.

9:32 a.m. - 2006-10-19


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