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Today, my radio station held the Spanksgiving Day Parade

So I was gone for a while. I was on vacation, and I had a computer with me, but I didn't feel like updating, because I was afraid I might miss a moment of watching my son play.

I sleep when he sleeps, so the only time I would have had to update would have been while he was being cute. And, sorry guys, he comes first. I work full time, and my commute is about an hour, so I don't really get much time to play with him. So having a whole week of playing with him, and watching him explore a new house in a new neighborhood, with new toys was more exciting than I had imagined.

I have made this claim before, and I will make it again. The Universe loves me! I don't know who I was in my last go 'round on this lovely planet, but I must've been a saint, because in this lifetime, everything I ask for is granted.

Before I went on my little vacation, I was looking for a dom. Not this dom, but a dominant. And lo and behold, when I return from my vacation, I have a comment from a guy who, at least on his journal claims to be one. Now, I don't think he's looking for a sub, nor do I know if I could ever actually be 'broken' but I have been giving it a lot of thought lately, and while I admit, I may be too uhhh, headstrong? to be a sub, i'd like to give it a try. I know wahat you're thinking, I have a child! for chissakes! How could I put myself into that position in front of him? Or maybe your thinking I have a man already! How could I leave the loving arms of my sweetheart to go be locked in a cage only to be let out when Master requests my presence?

I'll tell you.

For now, I'd have to put the whole thingon hold. I do have a son, and a man. Neither of whom would be too pleased about me leaving to live this alternate lifestyle. But eventually kids grow up, and men leave. So if I could find out just how to go about finding a dom for the future, this would be awesome. And, you know, maybe my man and I could take a month or something and we could both go to some sort of place where maybe he could learn how to be a dom, and I could be properly broken, and then he and I could keep this craziness to the few times when we have no kids in the house.

I don't know really. what I do know is that reading about other subs - there was a slave who used to keep a journal that I found extremely well written and enticing - and watching movies with S&M, or B&D themes really, really turn me on.

I was also thinking I could maybe work at a club like the one on CSI a few nights ago. It was a fantasy club, and the whole mission was for the girls who worked there to be either the sadist or the masochist for their customers. Maybe I could do that. I dunno. Maybe not.

Really, I want to be a full time slave. Do you think that's too wierd?

Which is wierder? That I want to be a full time slave? Or that I just posted a whole entry about it when I know most of the people who read this journal?

So, I'm moving. In May. To a place which is wonderful, and perfect for me, and all my friends (and former friends) chould be jealous. I am going to live in Paradise, with a pool and a hot tub, and palm trees. I will be able to go boating, and sunning, and I will have everything I always wanted. I almost wish I were still friends with Dana, so she would come visit me. I think she'd be really happy to be there, and have a place where she could stay while she was visiting what seemed to be one of her favorite places, too. Of course, she was apparently faking our entire relationship, so maybe she hates it there, and is happy that I don't ask her to go down every year.

Honestly, I'll be about 2 hours away from all the touristy stuff, but that's fine. It's close enough to go to when I want, and not so close that I'll want to kill all the tourists. it's going to be lovely!!!!

If this journal entry wasn't long enough for you, I'm sorry. I tried to make up for a week's worth of nothing. If I failed, you're too addicted to the on-linejournal craze, and should get a job that keeps you busier.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! (sinceI will probably not post tomorrow)

9:05 a.m. - 2006-11-22


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