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It has come to my attention that maybe I'm the wrong age for blogging. For the most part, most of the blogs I read talk of college in the seventies, or getting through another day at the first job. Most women I read about are in their 30's or up to their 50's. I generally choose not to read too many of the girls that are in their late teens, or early 20's, but I know they're out there. mostly they seem to be whining about this boy or that. Which is fine, typical, the same thing I did at their age. But I'm in that boring in between age.

I'm not old enough to have a life full of experience and wisdom, nor to have grown weary of talking and explaining to flesh and blood individuals. I'm also not young enough to find the idea that people may be out there reading about me lay out my soul in print exhillerating. I write in here, so I don't have to sit and ponder the useless things that flaot around in my head. And honestly, I didn't think anybody was reading. I wrote about my former best friend Dana originally, because she had been stalking me across the internet, and I was hoping that maybe after she read my spiteful entry, she would either a)go away, b)realize that even though I am angry, I really never intended to lose her, or c)learn something about herself.

Probably none of those things happened. Probably she is the reason that since day one I have had at least 5 people reading this waste of internet space.

But it has come upon me that I am probably not at all what others are looking for in an internet friend, or an interesting journal.

I have often thought of using this as a place to practice my stand-up comedy. Write out material. Then I think, "What if I write something awesome, and I then hear my bit being done on TV? A night at the improv? would I be able to sue? would I want to? would I know it was funny early enough to get up and do the bit myself?

Well, I don't know. just thought I'd rant a bit. I should get to work. I have a big project due soon, and it just doesn't do to sit here and bitch to the faceless masses.

One more thing, though. If you WoW, and you don't know how to maintain a real life, it's not Blizzard's fault. Stop pretending like you were the type to get off the couch (or computer chair) and go play football before the geniuses at Blizzard created the best game ever.

8:44 a.m. - 2006-12-05


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