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Well! I have been busy! My son came down with a cold of some sort - high temperature, runny nose, loose cough - that sort of thing. And he couldn't have had worse timing. I had a boat-load of errands to run the night he had to go to the doctor, which I forwent because instead I had to wait for an hour at the pharmacy while they filled a prescription they had in stock. I watched as they eventually poured the concoction from one bottle into another. No mixing, no shaking, no reason, as far as I could tell, to make me wait an hour. It was fun, let me tell you.

He had to stay home from daycare for two days. These days were supposed to be a) the day his daycare did the Santa pictures, and b)the day I turned in a project, respectively.

So now, I am forced to take my son to a mall full of screaming last-minute shoppers, and stand in a line for four hours to get an overpriced picture with a skinny man in a red suit, rather than send my kid off to his normal day dressed especially cute. *Sigh* I know you're thinking that I'm a terrible mom for not wanting to go through with this, but let me tell you, my fear of holiday crowds at the mall is second only to my fear of ever getting into a plane again - which after my recent vacation, I have sworn off completely.*

Also, the project that was due, is now being turned in late, which marrs my up-until-now-perfect record of never being late for a deadline. But on the positive side of things, my son seems to be feeling better, and it was nice to spend a few days home alone with him. (Not to mention the naps during the day! I had almost forgotten how luxurious it is to sleep in the mid-morning.)

Today, I came back to work, and as you can imagine, my desk looked like a tornado touched down right over my scanner. So I had to sort each pile before I could even hope to get to working on anything, and I have a stack of packets that need to be copied, so the rest of my afternoon will be wasted downstairs in the copy room, staring blankly at the copier. WEE!!

In other news I have been initiated into the Scared Shitless of Santa Hall of Fame by the powerful, popular, prestigious pirate - poolagirl. And I hope to be getting my icon to add to my page very soon.

And in still other news, my former best friend (you may remember her from the first entry in this journal, or perhaps from two entries ago) has a very strange message up on her site. Which I'll admit makes me a bit of a stalker to even have noticed, but I think fondly of her often, and like to check in every now and again to see how she's doing. Apparently, she's doing (not) well. (EDITOR'S NOTE - She apparently has taken down her web page altogether. It's a shame really, but I'm glad to have lost all ability to keep tabs on her. I guess it's time I start realizing that she was never my friend, and stop trying to remember all the good times we had.)

*my last plane experience included NOT getting drunk in the airport before take-off, and a near crash on landing. I had to pretend to be interested in what some college freshman was talking about to keep from clinging to the ceiling of the plane like the scared cat I was.

12:20 p.m. - 2006-12-08


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