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Opinions. Everybody's got one. I like to hear other people's opinions so I can laugh uproariously at them. Some people have started leaving me their opinions of me on my comments section. I have to admit it. I kind of like it.

A few years ago, when I was a young adult, or an old teen, however you choose to look at it - I used to go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night. It was good times. It was a place where the freaks, the geeks, and all the shy people of the local neighborhood could go and feel superior one night a week. For 5 dollars people could dress (or undress) however they wanted to, and enjoy a bad movie, some audience participation, and meeting people who were just like them. Mostly you got the "goth" kids. But some were just sluts, or lesbians, a few fags, and the occasional hippie.

Our particular theatre group had fun makinh theme nights so we could have contests. Themes went from the typical - toga party - to the unusual - 80's prom. We had nights to dress in halloween costumes, nights to dress up like characters from the movie (which was typical for every other RHPS theatre group, but only novel for ours), and nights when we just wore underwear.

One of my favorite nights in history of my going to RHPS (which strangely enough looks very much like my highschool's abbreviation), was one of those themed nights. Underwear night. It was a favorite of most of the audience. It happened fairly frequently, people would get antsy and want to go out to a public place wearing nothing but underwear. In fact, because of the underwear nights, I think most of our group of kids did not see Halloween as "girls dress like a slut day" since we had that opportunity every Saturday night, and especially on Underwear night. One particular evening where the theme was clothing that never gets seen by sunlight, I decided to go as a streaker. I know, this is a huge surprise to those of you who have been reading my comments section lately. So, I show up wearing my trench coat - this was before the trench coat mafia, so everybody knew I wasn't trying to be a gangsta - and a few select people got to see my "costume." And I meant to keep it that way. I meant for only a few people whom I loved and trusted to see what was really underneath. I had meant for it to remain an obvious secret to everybody else. However, I heard through the grapevine that we had a Christian Youth Group visiting our production that night, and it dawned on me that these kids were here to prove to themselves that even campy horror movies, were of the devil. Or they were using that as an excuse to go to an event they'd always wanted to go to, but couldn't because they were good Christian kids.

Well, when I found out that they were all sitting huddled together in the dead center of the theatre, I was overcome with a desire to make thm pee themselves. So, I calmly walked over to their section, introduced myself as part of the welcoming committee, asked them which church they belonged to, and how long they'd had their youth group going. I congratulated them all for being such good little christians, adn then I recited some poem I had written during my darker years about Christ having died, not for our sins, but as a way to escape, and how we should all follow in his footsteps... and then I flashed them. In all my unabashedly nakedness, I dared them to look, or look away. And some of them, I think did pee themselves. Some of them threw popcorn at me, trying to convince me to leave them. But I stood there for a full 3 minutes, until I got too cold to be naked any longer. Of course from then on, I simply gave up on keeping my nudity a poorly kept secret and played tag with my friends throughout the theatre, only donning my jacket when I went outside for a smoke.

Of course, this story, while, I think it is amusing, is not really why I started this entry. I started it because one of the 'actors' in our realtime stage show was also the webmaster of the official webpage of our small town production. And on the website was a message board. I don't know if it was ever used to actually post messages about the up and coming events of the show or not. By the time I had stumbled across it, it had become a flame wars bullitin board. I had such fun in those days going nose to nose with some fairly intelligent, witty, opinionated bastards. When someone truely dumb would stumble on, it didn't matter who's side (s)he was arguing, everybody would jump in to point out that if you were going to join in the fun, at least be intelligent, OR witty.

My comments section is starting to remind me of that these days. And it makes me wish I knew enough about html to have my own site where people could come and have the good old flame war again. I tried to start one up on my formenr best friend's site, but she just acted like a baby and deleted everything I said. And then continued to flame me, but made sure that I could not retort. Which is no fun. So in case anybody has been reading my comments section (two or so entries ago) and wonders why I have not blocked, or deleted the comments of the obviously deranged people who think that as strangers their opinion of me should weigh heavily, it is because I enjoy arguing. And I just don't get enough if t at home.

P.S. Dana, if you read this, please bring your delightfully intelligent venom to the table. You have what so few others can. Personal experience with me, and an undeserved hatred of me that no human could match.

8:55 A.M. - Monday, Jan. 15, 2007


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