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I will not stand for it. And neither will you - not on my page.

I am sorry to announce that today, I had to block my first asshole comment(er). The reason I had to do this was indeed personal, however, it was not because anything he said was offensive to my ego. Simply, he started implying that suicide is the answer to my problems. Firstly, the only set of problems I've really written about are a waning labido, and one bout of the bad day blues. Suicide is definately too extreme for any of that.

But mostly, and here is where I wish I knew more about html, so I could put this part in giant bolded letters:

I do not condone suicide as a way out of any problem. And I will not allow stupid ex's who whish I would not have left their sorry asses to use my website as a place to talk nonchalantly about suicide. It is a very important issue, and one I will not put up with as a joke, or a simple attack on me personally. You can call me a whore, a slut, an attention seeker, stupid, greedy, all kinds of things that you haven't thought of yet, you can tell me to get a life (or one more interesting) you can tell me that you think you're better than me, or that I'm worse than you, or whatever your little heart desires. But this is one line I won't cross, and I won't let you cross it either. If you want to be flippant about the most precious gift on this earth - the gift of life - you can do it elsewhere.

This goes out to all my other dears in my comments section. Your attention seeking posts of your opinions when they are NOT asked for, when I have blank comments when I DO ask for opionions, will remain. All your little small-minded attacks of a genuinely good person, one who may not share your puritan morals, but who is in no way trying to harm anybody, one who lives her life according to her belief that everyone has the right to choose for themselves how to behave, think, and most importantly, believe, will continue to sit in my comments section. Until you too decide to cross that final barrier of using my website to promote something I stand firmly against.

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have talked someone down from the ledge. How many volunteer organizations I have joined to donate my time to helping people who have a hard time seeing the light. How many nights I have laid awake worrying about one faceless person or another when I have read their journals on-line and picked up cues that made me worry, knowing that there was really very little I could have done, and hoping I did enough. It's not funny, and flippant remarks about it will not be tolerated here.

P.S. The person I deleted has been found out definitively to be the person I assumed it was in the first place, and soon there will be police action for harrassment, that goes well beyond this little journal. He's quite litterally a psycho who has been stalking me ever since we broke up on Nov 11 2005.

1:15 P.M. - Monday, Jan. 22, 2007


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