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Lately I've been reading a lot of Kungfukitten and Awittykitty and they have cats. Actually a lot of my favorite bloggers have cats, but lately these two have been doing a lot writing of cute cats stories. I am allergic to cats, and as has been my way, I decided a long time ago that due to my allergies, I would just hate cats. The same goes for dairy products like ice cream, and pollen makers like flowers brought to me by a sweetheart. I'm not saying that it's rational, but I DO try to rationalize it. I'll make comments like "Cats only want attention when they want it and never mind when you might feel like you need a hug. Whereas dogs are ever-ready to give you the ego boost that some days require."

But in the end, I think a good playful cat is probably more fun to have than a rambunctious dog. I say this with the utmost love of my man's three dogs, whom I live with. There's Scout, the small yappy watchdog who pretty much hates people unless they are feeding her treats. For this reason she has come to love my son, whom she used to run away from. And there's Scrappy who is the in-your-face-with-love type who just always wants your attention, and although he will eventually get the hint that right now is not a good time, should you change position, or flinch, all bets are off and have you changed your mind yet? And then there's Brutus. A St. Bernard. He's a very well mannered big dog who does not think he's a lap dog, and does not get overly excited about anything. Except people at the door. My man trained all of his puppies to be watchdogs. Which I suppose is good, except, we live in a good neighborhood, nobody comes over unless invited, and when my son is sleeping the last thing I want is several dogs barking at the band that practices at our house every Saturday, or the mail being delivered. I know it sounds strange that the dogs barking is more of a problem than the Ska band playing in the basement, but it just is.

So, I've been thinking. Maybe I want a cat. I know I like kittens, and if I were to get teh kitten at a young age, and play with him, and help him develop his sense of humor and adventure, maybe I wouldn't end up with one of those snobby cats that only pretend to be affectionate when they want food. I want a cat who will hide in the laundry, and chase dust motes around the living room. I want a cat that will knead my back in the morning to wake me up, and will climb his or her little cat house, and then jump off from the top, just because it's scary and fun. I want an indoor cat, that doesn't demand I open the door for him/her every 15 minutes. Of course I will never have a cat. My man doesn't particularly like them (he's a dog person, can you tell?) and both of our fathers would never be able to come visit so severe are their allergies. And since soon we will have two of their grandchildren running around, they will want to visit. Possibly often. Maybe I should just keep a Claritin by the door for all visitors?

Did I mention that my son is terrified of cats? It's kind of hilarious, because there has been no traumatic experience; it's just that he's grown up with loud, clumsy dogs who make noise everywhere they go. And cats? Well, Aunt Donna's cat snuck up on him, and it totally freaked him out. Now, even stuffed cats (like beany babies (tm)) will send him running into the arms of the closest trusted adult.

So maybe I should wait until he's a bit older before I try to convince my man that we are now cat people.

9:55 A.M. - Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2007


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