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not a very good mommy

I've been ignoring my mommy blog. I don't mean to. And it's not that my son hasn't been cute, and unbelievably smart, and quick to learn. In fact there have been many times that I have sat in wonder at his recent accomplishments in the language department. I am simply in awe when I watch him ask what something is (Da?) and have it told to him, and he repeats it for us. He'll go over to the object in question, hold it up, and repeat the word again; making sure, this time, that we are identifying the same thing. But it has been so long since I have written there, I kind of feel like I should update, and try to catch up on all I've missed out on writing about. And the rest of me feels that I shouldn't bother, and should just write about what's going through my mind at the time. The other major obstacle to writing in the mommy blog has been that there's SO MUCH going on right now. Between living at my sweeties parents' house, and getting ready to move, and being pregnant, and stressing over money, and starting the fast decline into hating my job, simply because I hate having to work at a job where I know I have no future, and, and, and. It's just crazy. There's a lot to talk to my son about, there's a lot to talk about in here, and mostly, I just want to read other people's journals instead. and this is a call out to the people I read daily - please update daily. I start my day by going through my list of favorites, and if I miss more than three because they haven't updated, I feel lost, and surly. And unmotivated. And I wind up searching through other journals, finding erotica, and then finding myself frustrated, but still unmotivated. If I hadn't quit already, I'd be afraid of getting fired. Ha!

I think I'll go lose myself in the wonder that is the maternal experience as best as I can, and try to write a decent entry in my mommy blog.

1:02 P.M. - Thursday, Mar. 01, 2007


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