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Perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be

Ok, so apparently it's MLK day. I wouldn't have known this if it weren't written about in a lot of other blogs I read. I wouldn't know it cause I don't work, I'm not in school, and well... I'm not getting presents for it, so what does this mean for me??

I mean, yes he fought for equality, and made America a better place to live. And you know he was good. But Unlike Chris Columbus who guaranteed me a day off of school every year growing up, all MLK did for my school life was cause a lot of papers on civil liberties. And and while it's fantastic that I learned about how it is possible to make a difference and all, What I really need at the end of January is a day off. Of course in a few years when my kids are in school, I'll be cursing Chris, and praising Marty. Cause then my day off will mean getting rid of the kids for a few hours. AND, if they have to write papers on civil liberties, they'll be locked in their room working. (It may be just a dream that my kids will work harder on their homework than I did, but isn't today also about believing in your dreams?)

One more thing on MLK, and then on to the rest of my entry. Why is it that when you're driving on a street named after a man who did so much good for the country, you have to roll up your windows, lock the doors and drive through red lights and stop signs to get away from the hoodlums? (NOTE: I heard this from a comedian on TV first, but I've done my own research, and he was absolutely right, state by state MLK Jr Blvd is the worst street to drive down at night)

ANYway. I'm pretty happy these days. I've made a new friend or two, I've had more time to spend with myself, I got an XBox 360 for christmas and have been playig some beautiful games. I still don't have a Wii, and my TV is so tiny and bad, but that will all be remedied when I get my tax return. I got a new haircut, and color. I don't really like it, but I'm working with it. It could wind up being cool, or it will be chopped.

My kids, as you may have noticed are sweet and good, and while they're more active than me, I'm starting to catch up to them. So that's good.

BF fixed my laptop mousepad thingy so I don't just accidentally erase a whole entry ad that makes me very happy. I looked around on MySpace for a bit and found some friends I had been missing and that was cool, too.

I have very little, to nothing to bitch about. I miss that. I miss the strife I used to have. Is that wrong? Is it wierd to feel like my life has actually become evrything I always wanted and now I have nothing to look forward to? I mean sure, I get to watch my kids grow up and change into men. And I will someday buy a house and it will be bigger and better than this one, but really this one is pretty cool, so I'm not in a huge rush to do even that. But, I no longer have to search for the perfect man. I've got him. I no longer feel that college will do me any good, so I've stopped worrying about when I'll get to go. I need new friends so I can go out and gamble at the local card rooms, but I can do that with my sweetie, and it will still be fun.

I have nothing left to look forward to. No real big issues I need resolved. When my friends call and have stories that need advice, or venting, or *gasp* solving... I have nothing to add to the conversation. I give the advice knowing full well it will be dismissed. I listen to the venting but I can tell that my lack of input is frustrating, and I can solve all the problems of the world, but my views are sometimes extreme and difficult to carry out.

I had wanted to start a blog where people would come to me with their problems and I would tell them how to fix them, but I don't know how all my blogging friends managed to get such a large reader base, so I don't think I will be able to get anybody to come to me for help. I try to tell people what to do on THEIR blogs, but they mostly ignore me. Some go so far as to block me. Which is understandable because if you just want to vent on your own blog, and not have some johnny-come-lately tell you what to do it's your right.

Heh, so here I am complaining I've got nothing to complain about instead. Maybe that's why no one reads this crap.

I wish I were funny. Or sad.

Maybe I should start doing those Meme things.

11:02 A.M. - Monday, Jan. 21, 2008


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