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And so it begins...

I had no idea how much I like having my computer on. In te corner of my living room. Yesterday, BF and I decided to clean... well, not clean, really, but pick up the crap, put away the christmas tree/decorations, and move the furniture around in the living room. I took down my computer so we could do all of this, and kept myself busy so I wouldn't have time for checking my blogs, or looking on MySpace to find out if any of my friend requests had been answered. I even put my computer on a shelf thinking that if I made it difficult to get to, maybe I wouldn't waste, er spend, so much time reading about other people's lives.

But this morning as I finished putting the decorations in the attic, I kept looking forlornly at the corner of my living room which used to hold my laptop computer. I kept thinking about my internet friends... I wondered how birthday weeks were coming along, and whether the super bowl could be enjoyed even if it is a Giants/Pats game. I wanted to know if there was anything I could comment on, think about, or laugh at. But I had to run errands instead. when I got home, the baby was crying, the toddler was screaming and I had to deal with them first.

So I folded some laundry.

If that doesn't sound like dealing with the kids to you, then you have no idea how much toddlers like to "help" and how funny babies think it is to have clothes thrown on top of them in the pack'n'play.

Eventually, though, the baby was inconsoleable... which meant it was time for the swing. Almost as soon as the thing rocked once, the baby was passed out, like a boy the morning after his 21st birthday. And, BF suggested folding more laundry. He also suggested cleaning the bedroom.

I, however, decided that before I could do any of that, I had to get online. I'm addicted. There are some blogs I can't read - either because I can't remember where they are, or I've been blocked, or I just can't relate. I check them all anyway, and then mosey on to others. I find the people who post daily to be the most fun... for obvious reasons, but also because they have so much to say. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes its personal, but it's always engaging. I am not so engaging. I AM funny, but mostly only in person, cause it's kind of a timing thing.

But I decided that if I want people to read my blog, I should try to write everyday. I should try to come up with SOMETHING to write about every day. This post doesn't count, so I'm going to start tonight after the kids go to bed. I'll try to keep it short enough to read, long enough to be interesting, and hopefully I'll keep to just one topic.

So here's my pledge:

I, Allyson, will write something in my blog everyday after my kids go to bed. I promise not to gush about my kids more than once a week (and once per weekend). I promise that if you read my posts, and comment on them, I will answer in the comments. But since I'm not cool with html and stuff, it won't look pretty when I do like some other much cooler blogs. I promise that if I am able to keep this up for a full year (notachance *cough*), that I will buy myself an ibook, or something and learn how to make the page really pretty, and all that junk.

Oh, and if you could just do me one tiny favor... if you like what you read, please direct your friends here. I want someone (lots of someones) to be as addicted to me, as I am to so many.

3:24 P.M. - Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2008


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