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Today's entry is just a little fluff piece. I've been reading a lot of serious stuff, and it's been making me cry. I'm not cool enough to be that raw, or real I have no desire to share with the internet all my skeletons. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

However to those of you that do... I envy you. I envy your strength, I envy your commitment. Most of all, I envy the way you feel comfortable enough with yourself to admit to the awful, or painful, or mean, or otherwise depressing stuff that you have done and/or lived through.

I cannot do it, myself. Mostly because, I never really feel like the same person who stuffed those skeletons in that closet. I don't feel like I am still that person, and it's been a very long journey to leave that person behind, and... well... I just don't want you to know that I was her once, and therefore have the potential to be again. I want you to like me. And don't point out that those of my friends who were there while I was packing the closet still love me, because some don't. Most don't actually. It takes a rare breed to see how I've changed, and love me for it, without holding on to all that I've done that they didn't agree with.

But that's not why I'm here.

I'm here today to start a movement.

This could be tough, since only one person reads this, that I know of. But people read her, so if she joins me it could still spread.

So here's the movement. I'm not down with all the new "text language." All the brb, bff, idk, kik, rotflmao abc xyz etc.

There's a lot of it out there. Some I know, some I don't. But what gets me the most is WTF. I know what it means. I know it means What The Fuck. I just thing that when most people exclaim What The Fuck it usually comes out what the FUCK???? And since it seems to be the only "text word" that is done in all caps, I think it should be written as it's said. wtF.

Actually, I would really, really prefer it if the world could just stop doing it all together. it's bad enough that we've got this whole "no child left behind" grant thing going on. Now we're just allowing poor grammar, laziness, and poor spelling habits to become "normal" "accepted" used in commercials for chrissakes! I even see this sort of thing show up in on-line news artcles. Like as if just because it's on the internet, and not being dropped on your doorsgtep by a kid on a bike it doesn't have to live up to journalistic standards, and millions of people can still read your article

Wait. I'm about to go int a huge rant on Reality TV, and internet journalism, and all kinds of nastiness. So I'm going to stop here before I lose all my readership from having a post six days long.

And yes, I am aware that I am not the most grammatically correct typist. But I'm also just being a big dork on a blog. Few enough people read this stuff, and well... I'll be a hypocrite. It still bugs me.

3:18 P.M. - Friday, Feb. 08, 2008


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