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from cock rings to hand cuffs

Wow! People are commenting... which equals reading! Woo!

This week is Valentine's Day. Which I didn't even realize until BF and I were at the sex shop buying some goodies. Since my labido returned a few months ago, we've been having some really good *sessions* when the kids are at mom-mom and pop-pop's house. And we've always been pretty open about fantasies, and likes/dislikes and such, but we haven't really done anything about until lately.

I'm sure you all want to know how this started, so sit back and enjoy. My New Year's resolution was to not get pregnant. I know this sounds like kind of a crazy resolution, but my ovaries are as big a slut as me. So it's going to take concentration to not get pregnant. I can't take the pill, because I have no habits. I can't do the shot because - well the last time I was on the shot my boyfriend came home to find me in the bath tub with the ginsu knives. Our plan was the IUD (despite the fact that BF is the product of IUD pregnancy) but it costs something like $800. And while that's a freaking BARGAIN compared to having a baby (and who doesn't like a bargain??), we never have $800 all at once. AND we want to have 2 more babies, so I wasn't really planning on keeping it in for 5 years. Finally we decided that despite the diminished sensation, we would have to use condoms.

Why don't the sell condoms at Sam's? We go through these things like pez... it's rediculous that you can only buy like 24 at a time.

So we were out of condoms, and went to the pharmacy to pick up some more. Usually we don't get to shop together. Mostly because it means taking both kids, and then either carrying one, both, or getting two carts - which is rediculous. But it was one of those weekends when his parents took the boys, so we had time. And since we were shopping together we looked at the different styles/flavors/textures. And we saw it. Our favorite brand of condom had a one-time-use vibrating cock ring. I love vibrating things, but I never had a boyfriend willing to use a cock ring before. He never had a girlfriend who wanted to have sex in any other position that missionary before so this would be both of our first times with this most wonderful tool.

All I can say is wow. It was wonderful. It did nice things for me. It did nice things for him. It even made oral better. (I know! How could it get better?)

This led to shopping at (one of) the local adult stores. We bought a reusable cock ring. One with a bunny. More fun was had.

We had our taxes done yesterday, and in our elation over the amount we will be getting back, we decided to make another trip to the adult store. This time our plans were for some bondange fun. I don't like fuzzy handcuffs. they hurt. I wanted leather cuffs with rings on them so we could clip the dog's leash to them, and put the loop end of the leash under the feet of the bed. And I was sure they were sold there. But when we got there I couldn't find them. In fact there was a very limited choice in bondage things altogether. I was stumped. It had only been a couple weeks since my last trip there, I couldn't have been that wrong. We picked up silk rope, a paddle, some body paints, and nipple clamps.

The clerk asked us if we found everything ok, and I spoke up. I'm not the type to say everything is fine when it isn't (except when my hair has just been done... it's a long story). I told him I was pretty sure I had seen a full set of the cuffs I like (wrist, ankle, collar) and he agreed with me. He got out from behind the counter. He looked. He searched. He came up empty handed. He said he was sure they carried them at one point.

Then he told us that with Valentine's Day coming up, a lot of his stock was dwindling. BF and I looked at each other in amazement. We felt like idiots. We hadn't even thoght of how many people save their best sex for Valentine's Day. After all the years I've been labido challenged, we've just been going at it like teenagers, making up for lost time. It never occured to us that we were shopping at the worst time of year to find toys in stock. Damn our luck.

By the way, why would you use a credit card at a sex shop if your wife does the bills and you're a cheating bastard?

11:41 A.M. - Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008


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