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Nothing says Valentine's Day like \"Crabs\"

What's that you say? Valentine's Day was last Thursday? Oh. Well, pfffft. I've been busy.

So BF and I dropped the kids off at Casa de Mom-mom around 4 pm after we'd had all the "family valentine fun" that we could handle. Our plan was to go out for sushi and sake (the most romantic dinner on the planet) and then go home and play with all our new toys. When we got to the sushi restaurant, though, we noticed the hours on the bloody door. 12 noon - 2pm, 5:30pm - 9pm.

I'll let that settle a bit.

Yes. Exactly. They close for 3 1/2 hours between lunch and dinner. We were stunned. We couldn't believe that any restaurant would just close in the middle of their day. We didn't want to wait until 5:30 for the place to open up, because we had important stuff to do when we got home... and you know we're parents, so we still need to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

So we went next door to the Crab Shack. Mmmmmm. Crabs. I think we got a dozen steamed Maryland Blue Crabs to split between us. They were delicious! Of course, we decided that with all the mess, and butter, and funny faces you make when trying to pry the claw apart, that this was not the most romantic dinner, and probably a really bad first date idea. (Obviously it wasn't our first date, but we decided that we should tell our kids this is not where you want to bring your new cutie.)

We dicussed other bad date options. Greek food was thrown out in a heap. It started that gyros are greasy, and sloppy so they're bad. Then we realized that unless both parties know how to pronounce the dishes, just reading the menu can be embarrassing. So that was thrown out.

I told him that when I was in highschool, I always wanted a boy to take me out to McDonald's and bring a picnic basket filled with a lovely tablecloth, candles, cloth napkins, plates, and silverware. He would go "pick a table," and set it all up while I was waiting for the food to be put on my tray. I would turn around and find him lighting the candles and... squeee! If a guy had done that for me before I turned 18, he totally would've gotten a piece. If someone did that now... well he'd get a piece... of my mind! Ahhh, youth.

After the delicious crab dinner, BF and I came home and got showered. After the shower, I dressed the part of his love toy. After blushing through his rather candid inspection of my attire, I was blindfolded and sweetly tortured. YUM!

I won't go into detail, because well, I don't talk dirty too well. But suffice it to say, I was pleased, he was pleased... and um ALL the toys were pleased.

Anyway. Soon I hope I'll be able to get into writing more often, but right now everybody in my family is pulling me in different directions. I'm not even able to turn my pc on some days.

And this is all I have time for, today.

4:35 P.M. - Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008


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