jayme - 2006-05-23 18:52:39
Well you probably already know all these... How Religious Are You? I don't think I am very religious. Agonstic... Do you beleive in God? I believe in a higher power(s) Is God male or female? Both Do you beleive in Purgatory (where souls wait in between Heaven and Hell until Judgement Day)? Nope, do not believe in hell either. And I do not believe in a "christian heaven" but rather a sprital enlightenment when our souls evolve and learn enough lessons. Do you beleive in gay marriages/relationships? I don't see why gays should have any less rights then straights. Do you beleive in an eye for an eye? Not in the way most people use it, no. I beleive that if you blind someone YOU are not resonsible to be that persons eyes. How many times a day do you pray? I don't pray really. I talk to "someone" to help me sort through issues and problems. Who do you pray for first, yourself or others (and be honest)? Again, don't really pray. Do you beleive in "once saved always saved"? Saved? Ha! I have never understood the term. I beleive that each day you have to make the decison to keep on the same path, make the right decisons. You can not wake up one day, say you have taken anyone or anything "Into your heart" and then continue doing stupid hurtful things. Who first translated the bible? I don't even know HOW to answer that. The bible has been twisted, misunderstood and mistranslated way too many times. There are even "stories" missing that did not fit in to what those in charge wanted. Which do you follow first, The Ten Commandments or The Golden Rule? Every religion has a golden rule, it makes more sense. The ten commandments were only made for morons that couldn't understand the basic golden rule. What do you consider to be your Donomination? I don't follow christianity so I don't consider any. I was raised Catholic though.

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