Jayme - 2006-10-15 01:19:33
Interesting notion... I HAVE realize while normally my sex drive is not that far from yours, it becomes more insatiable around ovulation. And so you know while it only takes one day to ovulate, the hormones for that start two to three days before and last a day or two after. Back to my point, when I am ovulating I go from a nice quickie works well, releases the stress, etc to need it 3, 4... 7 times that day/night. As for making myself look nicer, I actually think I do the opposite, I wear make up those days I feel at my worst. When I am ovulating I feel powerful and sexy... what the hell do I need make up for! Case in point, last week I had been wearing makeup, this week... none. Been feeling great and upbeat... I am damn sexy momma!

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