Jayme - 2006-10-15 01:27:38
Well let ME be the first to say that I DO comment whenever I remember to read this, which is not often because well... you have not been updating often and I talk to you more then you post. So there... As for being shy, being an extremely shy person as you know, it IS fear... why is beyond me. I am sure some of it comes from childhood and the expections, rejections from back then. I was a very shelter child, my mother spoke for me, tons of people stood up for me and well, I was white in a mostly black neighbor and it was never kept secret that I was "incapable" of understanding or being them. I learned instead to just shut people out and keep my mouth shut. A trait I have been learning hard to break because beyond that shyness I am a very bold person... but you know that. :)
T - 2006-11-13 08:51:51
I've only just started reading you after finding you via a banner ad. I won't comment often... but will be reading :) Why won't I comment often? Don't take it personal, I don't comment on most I read... I simply don't have anything to say :p One thing I have noticed... you do gather Comments, with a capital C... no one liners in here! You get dissertations for comments! Which is cool...

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