Jayme - 2007-02-19 20:35:52
Aww sweetie, if that was aimed at me, I know how you feel, I always have. And I love you VERY VERY much too... But for one, I am NOT Dana, I am not about to lose you over some guy. And two, it is not running my life and I most CERTAINLY do not think he is the answer to anything. I am not holding my breathe for him... only hoping that he is what I thought he was. If when the time comes that he has a decent chance to prove he is and does not... then I guess it sucks to be him. And part of proving that this time most certainly means approval from my family, if I start getting the whole, "I don't like how he is treating you" speech, I WILL listen. And I realize I can say this and you can still roll your eyes at me disbelieving, that is fine and understandable. I will still love you though... ALWAYS. You are my other half, my rational brain, my kindred soul, I will always always need you in my life.
Tit - 2007-03-04 22:06:32
Please take my entry off your site, immediately. I don't appreciate you cutting and pasting my entry, from beginning to end, into your journal without prior permission, particularly when it's very clear to me you didn't understand the point of what I wrote even one iota. I can have Andrew do it, but it would be easier if you respected my wishes and did it yourself. Please remember to ask my permission in advance before you use my work - copyright laws are very specific, and you broke them. Thank you.

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