Jayme - 2007-03-12 00:53:55
My dear sweet love... I think it is finally time for me to watch Star Wars and I cannot think of a better person to share that with then you! I will explain to you why when I talk to you next... kisses!!
Meany - 2007-03-13 12:28:06
Hello! Okay, so the long story is this (and be prepared for cheesiness): When Husband and I were about to get married, we went to premarital counseling (which, I know, worked SO well), and the pastor who was counseling us told us that women think in a circle and men think in a straight line. Then one day, Husband and I were just goofing around and I was all, "I love you in a circle!" and he was all, "I love you in a line!" (because neither of those ever end). So the tattoo is of a straight, perpetual line going into a marble, with a chromey-looking ring going around the line. And there you have it; I hope you're not sorry you asked!

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