stepfordtart - 2008-01-16 12:44:10
*nostalgic sigh* When my kids were small, I used to wonder how I EVER found time to go to work, my days were so full with other stuff. I was a stay-at-home for 8 years. Now I have to cram all the mum stuff in around my stupidly frantic job and I kind of wish I was back then. Its nice that you've updated - Im glad things are cool for you....OK, I'll admit it, I did scroll down to see if the cute geetar dude was still at the bottom of your page BEFORE I read the entry. My Bad. Oh, and you dont need to write anything particularly earthshattering - those of us who also love their BFs and their kids are just as happy to read entries that go "I love me kids and my BF". We just like to know that all's OK with you. s x

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