stepfordtart - 2008-02-08 17:41:20
Im not big on text language either and tend to write mine out in 'longhand'. I guess it was different in the early days of cellphones when a text cost a kajillion pounds/dollars to send and you had to keep it short and sweet but these days? Pah! I do use 'WTF' but generally in email conversation with work contacts who would either be otherwise offended by my potty mouth if I wrote it out in full, or because they have over zealous firewalls which screen out even the most benign of phrases. There was a case over here of a new email system being installed in a local council HQ and for two days nobody got any emails at all. Then they realised that the firewall may have been a little over zealous on the filtering, bearing in mind the council was in a place called Scunthorpe. I resolve to write everything out in full as much as possible, from now on. Kind regards, Sarah (kiss)
Me - 2008-02-08 21:20:27
HA HA HA Scunthorpe! That's great! I've been behind some dumb firewalls, but I never had it that bad... I understand the need to hide a potty mouth, I just realized that in my head I NEVER capitalize the "what the" part but fuck is always in all caps. Does it say something about me that I think about what my spoken words would look like in type?
debkitty - 2008-02-08 21:52:17
I love it! I hate all the texting crap too!!
Janelle - 2008-02-11 15:01:26
Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I, ummm, sorry in advance- use WTF a lot in my writing. Can I be grandfathered in your movement whereas I can still use it? I promise to start saying it like wtF. :-)
Mr. Fabulous - 2008-02-11 18:42:32
I write most of mine out in longhand, but I might not if I didn't have a QWERTY keyboard on my phone. As for serious stuff, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't even watch the news anymore. I welcome ignorance!
Me - 2008-02-12 11:37:30
DebKitty - texting should be used when you just want to leave a message, not conversate - that's what I think Janelle - No prob! I suppose you can be grandfathered in, although it's so much easier to just write them all out, well, easier to read, anyway. Mr. Fab - I have a cheapy pay-as-you-go phone, and *I* still manage it... Ignorance IS bliss (unless you're a republican).

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