stepfordtart - 2008-02-28 14:48:22
"have just had construction work done, and don't have the means to pay for it" - Oh Fucking Hell do I know THAT one!! Our building works have been going on since July 07 and are due to finish end of April 08. We are haemorrhaging money on a daily basis...and its REAL BIG money at that. I feel sick when I think of what we've spent. I know nothing about templates and stuff like that - I will be keeping mine forever unless someone decides to change it for me. Glad to hear you're keeping the dude tho. You KNOW its all I come here for! s x
Jayme - 2008-02-28 18:08:25
Well damnit, why didnt I get a vote on the wall unit? I liked it!! As the third party in your relationship I totally should have gotten a vote. Sorry you have been going crazy at home and I have been nothing but a miserable mess.

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