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It must be Thursday, I never did get the hang of Thursdays.

So, this has been an interesting week.

Hm. Weekly updates? Maybe this could be my new trend. Nah, I'll just keep 'em sporadic. It's more fun this way.

BF and I did our taxes as soon as we had our W2s in our hot little hands. It was a whole big hassle that included three visits to HR Block ammendments, and endless waiting for our returns.

By "our" I mean his. Mine came in about a week after the last visit. His, is not in yet. But once we found out how much we were getting back, we commissioned to have a built-in wall unit ripped out, shopped for but did not buy a 65" TV, and promised our fathers that we would pay them back for the money we borrowed for our car and big, shiny, new computer. We also implemented a savings plan and new budget.

So after having recieved my check, we thought - yay! we can do anything we want. So he taught me how to fish. In our back yard. Did I mention we live on a lake? Then we went to the circus and SQUEE! I rode an elephant! (so did my two-year-old, he's so brave!)

Then the contractors showed up and ripped down the wall unit. It's been days of fixing the tile, and putting up sheet rock, and molding, and hiring a painter - it's still not all done. Everyone keeps telling me how much bigger the room is, now. And I guess it is. But I liked the wall unit. It had charm. Now our place looks like every other house on the street. I mean, it always did from the outside, but I thought it probably looked better on the inside than most. (Except our kitchen. I'm a bit embarrassed about our cheap-ass ugly kitchen.) And now it's gone, and the contracters need to be paid, and the TV has to fill in the blank space, and and we haven't gotten our/his check yet. We don't know if/when we will get it, and I'm starting to go crazy.

The kids have been at Mom-mom and Pop-pop's for the duration, so I have had a lovely time sleeping in and all, but with no tv to play my vifdeo games I've been forced to lay in bed all day and read. I should probably stop bitching, but not having this check in my hot little hands is very scary when you have just had construction work done, and don't have the means to pay for it. And the book I'm reading is the ninth in a series that I don't think has an end, and is kinda of a boring, albeit important to the story piece. AND I don't own the rest of the series, so I have to go out and buy the next installment which may or may not be out in a box set, yet.

AndI have to shop for the things I need for the kids' playroom that we're setting up. This has been the fun part of having this construction done. In order to protect the big, shiny, new computer from the dust, we had to move BF's office into the bedroom. He likes it there, better, so we have freed up his office to be the dining room, and the dining room to be a play area. I love the idea of the kids having their own space to keep their toys, instead of my living room. We can put a small tv in there, so they can still watch Little Einsteins or Teletubbies or whatever the heck they're into, and I can still play Mario Sunshine, or Crash Bandicoot, or whatever the hell I'm into.

But, all of this costs money. Money I'm going to spend whether we have it or not. Because quite frankly, we'll find it somewhere. And I need to have my home complete before I can relax, and enjoy. and because I was out voted on keeping the damn wall unit to begin with, so I get to do what I want with what's left of the house.

And, if you read this, AWESOME! But I will be moving sometime soon. I just have to think of a witty title for my new home, and make it all pretty and stuuf and then I will let you know the new address. No worries, sexy guy at the bottom will still be there, somewhere, I just have to figure out how to incorporate him into the new look. And if you have any ideas for witty titles, or designs... please share. Thank you.

10:39 A.M. - Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008


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