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Bob with the Long Hair

Rock Concert. Umm, yeah. Ok.

So, here it is. It was 1995, or 1996... I can't remember. Surprised?

I was working at the Halloween store at the local mall, and my friends had tickets to a concert. They told me it was Stabbing Westward, and Flaming Lips. I didn't know who Stabbing Westward was, even though they were the headliners. And I thought they said the Violent Femmes were opening. Not Flaming Lips. I was excited to see Violent Femmes. I told them I'd take the extra ticket, and gladly go with them to this concert.

I don't know what I was thinking. Technically, I hardly knew these kids. They were just other mall rats. Some of them worked at the mall, some of them just hung around the mall. But I left with them. I went to this concert at the Trocodero which is a great venue for small shows. It was a great venue for this show.. which I have to be honest, since I was so busy enjoying myself at my first rock concert, and I didn't know either of the bands playing, I couldn't tell you if the actual show was any good.

The people I had come with had somehow snuck in some marijuana..n theform of joints. Now, normally, I don't smoke anythin I don't recognize... which is to say, I don't usually trust strangers' weed. Bu I was younger then,and I was enjoying the full "rock concert" experience. So I got a little high, and then I wandered off into the crowd. I found my way into the "mosh pit" and learned how to slam dance. (At this point, I feel it is necessary to tell you that my keyboard is acting up, and I'm not usually this bad at typing...usually.)

Slam dancing, or moshing as it is oten called, has got to be the most fun, and the most dangerous way to spend an evening. I wish I'd had more opportunities to do this activity. i had a shoe flung at me. I kept t. Somewhere out there there is a guy with very big feet mourning the loss of his left shoe. It was an airwalk, so in my opinion, this guy was probably an alright kind of guy... but I like souvineers, so I had to keep it. I found another souvineer, but I had to return the second one. I had found an Eeyore hat. I had wanted to take it home to show my father who is a long time fan of Eeyore. But at the end of the concert, a relatively cute long haired boy was making pathetic noises asking everybody who passed by if they had seen his hat. I felt bad for taking it at that point, so I met up with him, asked him to describe his hat, and then gave it back to him.

I gave up my own souvineer to the rock gods. As is the typical slut move, I took off my bra, and gave it to some guy I had decided to hook up with. Which was fine in my opinion, since I never liked wearing bras to begin with.

I somehow managed to find my 'friends' by the end of the concert and went home with them. The next day at school, everybody was talking about the concert I had been to. All the kids that I thought were cool were talking about how they wished they had been to the concert. I laughed, and told them I had been there. They found a new respect for me, which I thought was odd since I didn't even know the band I was there to see.

I've been to a few other concerts since then, but none will ever compare to that one. Just the total teen-aged behavior I had the freedom to exhibit that night will always stay with me.

Oh, and the guy with the Eeyore hat? I ran into him again... his name was Bob with the long hair. And maybe if you're lucky, I'll tell you about him in some other entry.

9:43 p.m. - 2006-05-17


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