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Less Exciting, but no more blogthings

Ok, so are you tired of 32 blogthings?

Me too.

I also am tired of ranting about a girl who obviously doesn't mean that much to me. 13 years we've been friends, and the last thinqqqqqqqqg she says about me is "i was really only keeping her around because i needed to use her for awhile." That's what it always comes down to. I try to stick my neck out for people, I try to do nice things for people. And do they appreciate it? Sort of. They ike what I do, but not who I am. Fine. I'm not doing anything for anybody anymore.

Now it's all about me. And my son. And that's it. If you need a favor done, go ask someone else. Cause I'm not doing it. You need someone to listen while you cry about work? the boyfriend? the wife? Don't call me. I won't even give you the quarter to call someone who cares. Your kids need to be watched while you go shopping? Might as well take them with you, I don't like your kids, and I don't want to wipe their runny noses. Need a ride to the doctor? Sorry, I'm too busy staring adoringly at my son. It's all done. Game over.

Now, I'm evil Miss Piggy.

Speaking of evil... is it wrong to wish death on the mother of your son's [half]sister?

I thought so.

How about if I only wish the herpes on her... is that ok?

More than likely, if I get around to writing another phsycho bitch from hell entry, I'll tell you all about her.

Or, I may just change the template of this journal, ask andrew if I can change the name of it, and I'll start a diferent type of journal altogether.

If I was having sex, I might start a journal of all my sexual experiences.


I was just thinking how many entries I'd have if I had started THAT journal 6 years ago....

Or 10 years ago.

Well, maybe if I'm ever single and flirty again, I will start that journal. Could be fun. Or it could be boring. We'll see.

12:42 p.m. - 2006-05-09


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