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Stevie \"Guitar\" Turner (of the band \"Benderz\" look them up)

Wow. I put up those pictures at the bottom of this site to motivate myself to come here more often, and post. They aren't exactly working. I visit my site every day now, but only to look at the pictures, not to actually tell you all out there in tv land, er "D" Land, about how I'm drooling over the sexiest man in the world.

I've decided now is the time. Do you see that man down there? He is a guitar player in a cover band. He also teaches guitar. He also has a degree in history. All of this makes him the hottest, most interesting, most drool-worthy guy I have ever actually met. Which means that other beauties like Orlando Bloom, and Dom, are still in the list.

He reduces me to a newly deflowered 15 yr old girl screaming with hormones, and pants that are dying to be ripped off by those callused fingers. When I talk to him, no matter how much I may want to keep it cool, no matter how much i want to say things like "So, how's it going? I really liked the way you did the windmill during the last song," or, "I think I've finally learned how to play 'Wish You Were Here' and I was hoping you could teach me how to speed up playing 'Dust in the Wind,'" I actually only come out with, "So, where's the closest place we can go to fu ck?" Or my personal favorite choke line, "You looked really yummy up there on stage - can I blow you?"

And let's be serious, I am a very forward girl. I always have been. But usually I am much better at a little innuendo. AND I kow he would probably respond better to something more casual such as, "Would you like to go for coffee?" which as any Eddie Izzard fan will tell you is practically the same as my first example, but it sounds less intimidating. For some reason when I am talking to him, I cannot help myself. I cannot get a grip on my tongue and make it do as I tell it. It just wants to be rubbed the entire length of that man's body.

It's ok, though. I will marry him someday, and then my dreams will come true every day. I just have to write the casual conversation down and practice it a bit.

Must go. I really want to call him, but I will just sit here and do work like a good little groopie girl.

P.S. Did I mention that he freely gave me his number, and he actually answers his phone when I call? I am so in!

10:43 A.M. - Thursday, Jan. 04, 2007


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