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and baby makes six

Well, I just paid my membership dues, so hopefully the pictures will show up soon. In the mean time, I'd like to report that on August 9, 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and today he is 16 weeks old, chubby, and (blessedly) asleep. I will ad pictures as soon as my accountr shows that I have paid.

My toddler's favorite movie is Cars, and I now am able to perform the entire movie as a one man show. So much for not letting my kids watch TV.

Life has actually been as great as I had imagined living in Florida would be. I have wanted to write in here and tell you all the funny stories I have about raising a too smart, and very sweet little boy, and the hilariious things my poor boyfriend said/thought/did while I was giving birth to our youngest... but I just don't get on the ol' 'puter much anymore.

Actually, I have to tell you the birth story, I nearly ripped my stitches when it happened so I kinda have to share this with you.

Story one - "The Hammer"

I had a C-section. It was scheduled, and I was very upset about the whole thing. I wanted natural, but it wasn't in the stars. My boyfriend and I were supposed to be at the hospital at 4:30 in the morning to get prepped. Fortunately for me, while I was getting hooked up to all the monitors and such, I went into hard labor. So my boy's birthday was apparently going to be August 9th anyway. So by 7:30 when my surgery was scheduled, both BF and I were exhausted. They cut me open, remove my tiny baby boy, and show him to me. Then they are going through cutting the cord and the first wipe down type bath... and the nurse turns to BF and says, "Do you have a hammer?" He's a bit delerious, thinks he didn't hear right. So he shakes his head says, "What?" and she repeats herself. "Do you have a hammer? Did you bring a hammer?" BF is trying to rack his brain and remember if anybody told him he should bring a hammer. What could the hammer possibly be for? Is it the new way of cutting the cord? Is it part of some sort of Florida celebration ceremony? He asks the nurse, "What do I need a hammer for?" She laughs and repeats herself one last time, "Do you have a camera? Most dads want to take a picture of the cutting of the cord. Did you bring a camera in here?"

"Oh. Yes. I have a camera. (weak grin)"

Story 2 - "The Cigarette Break"

So I was in my room hopped up in pain meds, and had sent my newborn to the nursery. I just didn't feel comfortable being left responsible for his life when I couldn't notice if I had visitors, even. My boyfriend had come up to visit me, and I was trying to not take the pain pills because I wanted to be coherent. I was moaning about how much pain I was in, and what's wrong with me... other moms had been through this and didn't need all these pills. How was I going to care for my baby if I got addicted to percocet? BF just chuckled and said, "Honey, a few hours ago your guts were all over the table. I think you're supposed to be in pain. It's ok." The image of my guts strewn across what in my mind was a coffee table cracked up my hopped up head, so I laughed, and he wheeled me out for my cigarette break. Hospitals are depressing places, I was afraid of sharing this story with anybody else out on that break.

Well. That's all the time I have for today. Apparently baby boy's nap is over, and he wants some mommy attention.

I hope you all are still out there checking in on me occaisionally. I'll try to do better with this now that we're on some sort of schedule.


10:24 A.M. - Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007


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